Manufacturer of wood products

  • Reliability
    on the market since 2018
  • Product quality
    control at every stage
  • Favorable prices
    full production cycle
  • Discount system
    flexible pricing policy
  • Own warehouses
    on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory

Products of LLC "Food Trading Group"

LLC "Food Trading Group" - is a manufacturer of wooden containers, wood products and lumber. During its activity, the organization has established itself as a responsible and reliable partner that guarantees the high quality of the products supplied and makes shipments in full and on time. The company owns sawmills, production facilities equipped with high-quality modern equipment and its own freight transport. Thanks to the full production cycle, the company's specialists have the opportunity to control the quality of products at any stage of production, from roundwood sawing to the assembly of finished products. The company's production facilities allow the production of more than 100 thousand pallets and 25 thousand containers for the storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables. In addition, we can produce wooden products in accordance with your terms of reference.
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