Wooden boxes for vegetables

Food Trading Group LLC offers a wide range of wooden crates for vegetables made from high quality wood in accordance with international standards. is a manufacturer of products for the woodworking industry. Our company owns sawmills for sawing round wood, woodworking plants, product assembly shops, and warehouses. Thanks to the full production cycle, we have the ability to control product quality at any stage of production.
In the catalog of our products you can find: wooden containers for storing fruits and vegetables, shipping containers, pallets, moldings and lumber. The production capacity of our company allows us to produce large volumes of products in the shortest possible time.

What are the advantages of using a wooden box?

dlya razdela kontejnery dlya fruktov

Vegetable Containers

  • 1200x1600x1200 mm
dlya razdela kontejnery dlya fruktov

Vegetable Containers

  • 1200x1000x750 mm

The modern market offers a large selection of containers for storing crops, but it is wooden boxes that are in the greatest demand. This is due to the fact that they have a whole range of advantages, including:

- high load capacity,
- the possibility of long-term storage of any product,
-environmental Safety,
- aesthetic appearance,
- ease of disposal.

That is why wooden boxes for storing vegetables are in demand among summer residents, sellers and suppliers of agricultural products. They can store and grow fruits, vegetables, seedlings, bulbous plants and even mushrooms. From these boxes you can organize a compact and ergonomic shelving system.

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