Custom wooden pallets

Food Trading Group LLC sells non-standard wooden pallets to order. Their size and shape depend on the purpose and needs of customers. Usually only standard products are on the market. It is almost impossible to find pallets for large loads, for products with a specific shape or for goods sold in small quantities.

Non-standard pallets are available in ready-made versions, or you can order containers individually. In this case, all wishes will be taken into account: dimensions, design features, mass of transported goods and a number of other parameters. An individual order makes it possible to manufacture a non-standard pallet of any design and size without exception according to the customer's drawings. Specialists will help to choose for the needs of the client exactly the version of the container that is best suited for this type of product.

• They are durable, as they are made of high quality material in compliance with the technology. Thanks to this, the container is used repeatedly;
• Functional. A special configuration, due to the presence of partitions and other elements, provides additional protection for the transported cargo;
• Aesthetically pleasing. The type of goods supplied is important to the end buyer. Also, due to the high quality, the container can be used for displaying products, as a trade showcase.
• On non-standard pallets it is convenient to arrange cargoes, placing objects of any size on them;
• They make loading and unloading easier. This is especially important for goods that require careful handling.

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